July 19, 2010 Walter Jenkel & Toni Pinto article in KOK magazine

July 19, 2010 BY EDITOR
These shots (reproduced here by permission of the artist) are from Walter Jenkel’s 2009–2010 series “Elogio a la Pereza” (Praise to the Laziness) featuring model Toni Pinto. View the complete series on his site to see more of his exceptional awareness of light.
Jenkel plays with both overtly staged poses (such as the photo you’ll find with the model in cuffs and collar crouching by a dog bowl) and moments which seem unrehearsed, natural and unposed. Seen as a whole, this combination of posed and unposed, of eye contact and sideways looks, creates a tension for the viewer.
We may take on the role (unwillingly or willingly) of an active voyeur, feeling as if we are peeking at a young man in his private moments. But then, young men often share their private moments with the world without the unfortunate shyness that often comes with age and bad experience.
Alternately, we may take on the role of a passive witness, as if we’d heard a loud noise and turned to identify the source, only to find that same young man shouting, drinking, smoking, making a mess, tugging at his clothes, flashing his butt, flashing his smile, looking sad, looking bored, looking beautiful.
Praise to www.walterjenkel.es